With over 100,000 products to choose from, Key Office Products can supply you with everything from snacks and staplers to security systems. The easiest way to access all of our products is to shop at Key Office Products E-store. Below we have highlighted a few products to show you the diversity of our product line. If you would like to make a purchase, you can do so through our E-Store or by calling our nearest Key Office Products store.

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Every workplace uses a wide variety of office supplies. Some organizations prefer basic, low budget pens, where others are looking for the newest ergonomic writing utensil. Key Office Products recognizes that there are times when you need office supplies immediately. All of our locations carry a selection of the most commonly requested office supplies for your immediate need. Any other items can be easily available with our overnight ordering process. Our goal is to provide you with the broadest selection of office supplies and get them to you as quick as possible.

Determining What Your Office Supply Needs Are

Key Office Products sells everything from calculators and ink cartridges to filing cabinets and trash cans. Choose from a wide variety of office supplies available at Key Office Products. Technology is always evolving, and at Key Office Products we aim to stay updated on the latest upgrades in office supply technology. Companies that specialize in writing utensils are always modifying their products to produce a better quality pens or pencils. Pens and pencils are often improved to provide a better quality of ink flow, comfort and ergonomic comfort for employees who spend a lot of time writing. When choosing office supplies, it is important that you choose the functions most important to you. Office supplies may seem elementary, but great thought should be put into choosing the right stapler, pens, envelopes, and so much more.

Key Distinctions in Common Office Supplies

Pens come in a wide variety of options which include not only the type and color of ink, but also  the comfort of the grip for the writer. Some pen companies market the permanence of their ink, while others promote that their ink is erasable. Some pens have comfort cushions for their writers, while others are bent at angles to provide maximum comfort. When companies choose ergonomic pens for their staff, employees are less likely to develop carpel tunnel syndrome or other problems due to tension on their finger and arm ligaments. These are just a few of the options that you should consider when choosing the right pens for your organization.

Staplers are another important and common tool in most workplaces. Staplers come in a variety of styles including electric, non-electric, ergonomic, standing, heavy-duty, and even high fashion staplers. Again, repetitive movements are what tend to cause employee injury. By choosing staplers that are standing, ergonomic and/or are capable of handling a high volume of papers, employees are less likely to sustain injury. You can now purchase staplers in bright colors as well as staplers that are shaped like high heels. No matter what your needs are when it comes to choosing a stapler, Key Office Products can provide you with a wide variety to choose from when shopping for office supplies.

Paper is one of many important office supplies. While many companies are attempting to go paperless, organizations will always need paper in some form. When your workplace needs 80 lb. white paper for your copier, Post-it notes, colored paper, or photo paper, Key Office Products has exactly what your organization needs. Choosing the right paper is incredibly essential to the life of your copier. Post-it notes come in a variety of sizes and colors, which adds to the flair that companies are trying to bring to administrative work. Paper can also include memo-pads, phone message books, envelopes, and filing supplies. Whatever you need, Key Office Products has it.

Where to Buy Office Supplies

At Key Office Products you can choose from an ample array of office supplies including pens, paper, staplers, paper clips, calculators, filing equipment and more. We also carry a wide variety of ink cartridges and toners. If you don’t know which ink or toner fits your machine, all you have to do is give Key Office Products a call and we will get one ordered for you immediately. You can find reasonably priced office supplies ideal for daily use at home or workplace. All four Key Office Products locations are eager to service all of your office supply needs. Key Office Products can provide you with what you want at a price you can afford. Give us a call today – you can find the number on our Contact Us page. You can also email us via the form on the Contact Us page. We look forward to providing you with the best office supplies in town.